About Us

Troy Horse is your One Stop Shop for disc and USB production including printing and graphic design services. We are located in Petersham NSW and service customers all over Australia. Troy Horse began life in 1988 as a rehearsal studio and almost immediately moved into associated services.  Working with artists demands care and attention to detail for every job, both big and small.  Increasingly, the corporate market has sought Troy Horse's services for these exact reasons.  We do it right. First time, every time. Company Policy dictates that we are upfront and honest at all times.  Troy Horse does not fall into the trap of simply "telling the customer what they want to hear". Rather, our experience, professionalism and care allows us to focus on what does and what does not represent the best value, quality and result for our customers. When do you want the cheapest CD/DVD packaging available and when should you opt for a more high-end, premium Replication solution?  Troy Horse knows and will tell you.

Local, National and International

Troy Horse has a customer base that has grown and evolved to the point that we now offer CD/DVD Duplication, Printing, Burning, Pressing, to every area you can imagine.  Of course we deliver to Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane but we also have long-standing customers in Perth, Adelaide and Tasmania.  We regularly Deliver to non-metro areas such as Wollongong, Sydney Central Coast, Newcastle, Byron Bay, Lismore, Cairns, Geelong, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Townsville and more. In more recent years we've used the flexibility and reliability of our long-standing supply chain to arrange International split shipping after we've provided CD & DVD Manufacturing, saving our customers money and ensuring quality product in all markets successfully splitting deliveries between Australia, Japan, the U.S. and the U.K. Whatever your needs, wherever you are, request a Quote today so that Troy Horse can make it happen.
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